Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pawchester Tales

Mauri Kunnas:
Elusive Elvis 2003
Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present 2003
Seven Aunts and a Hidden Treasure 2004
Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle 2010
Mr. Clutterbuck’s Seven Wonders 2008

Pawchester Tales are stories about Mr. Clutterbuck’s home town. The town has many characters and naturally Mr. Clutterbuck shortly visits every story.

Postman Eppu is a littel sad
Elusive Elvis
The first story’s main character is a shy mailman who knows all about Elvis. Pawchester is preparing for the tradi
tional summer fair. At the closing party, everybody is looking forward to hearing Pawchester’s finest little rock band – Ince True and the Mentals. But the band has a problem: they do not have a lead singer. How to get a shy person to perform?

Lucky's Best X-mas Presnt

Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present
The second Pawcherster Tales book is a Christmas story. Little Lucky has every toy and gadget imaginable. His dad thinks that the more toys a child has the happier the child is. Not so. Lucky’s dad has been buying Christmas presents since August. Does Lucky get the best Christmas present ever?

Grandpa Drakula digging for a treasure
Seven Aunts and a Hidden Treasure
Seven Aunts and a Hidden treasure is the third story in the series. Mr. Clutterbuck’s great grandmother Cicely Clutterback turns 100 years and all Mr. Clutterbuck’s aunts join the festivities. Aunt Effie tells a story about a long lost treasure and all the kids get excited. A greaet Hunt begins. The story ends in Brazil and the Wolrd Cup in Soccer.

Grandpa Drakula wants to see Spiritus Butelli Babylonicus
Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle
Book nr. 4 is Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle. The travelling carnival has come to Pawchester with the famous motorcycle daredevil Hurricane Harry! Not all is happy with this. Granpa Dracula just wants to see the genie in the bottle, Spiritus Butelli Babylonicus at the Phantom Cabaret. In a turn of events, Hurricane Harry breaks the bottle and the genie escapes. The whole town is in chaos.

Pawcherts townspeople in Rio de Janeiro
Mr. Clutterbuck’s Seven Wonders
The Pawchester townspeople also attend Mr Clutterbuck’s adventure in Mr. Clutterbuck’s Seven Wonders (Herra Hakkaraisen seitsemän ihmettä) Pawchester department store has a raffle, where the grand price is to name a place in the world to visit. Seven lucky people get to travel to all these places.

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