Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pupu Tupuna

Pirkko Koskimies

Many children in the 1970s and 1980 learned how to read with Pupu Tupuna. Originally the books were created for children with a hearing disability, but the characters were so sweet and clear that they attracted other children as well.

The stories were fairytale like with links to the real world. It is still unknown whether Pupu Tupuna is a boy or a girl. (This is possible, because the pronoun for he and she is the same: hän. )  Pupu Tupuna lives in a red playhouse and his/her best friend is a mouse Hippi.

The first Pupu Tupuna book  (Minne menet, Pupu Tupuna?) was  published in 1972.

Pupu Tupuna is like all children. He/she is curious, gets into trouble sometimes and always learnes

Pupu Tupuna also starred in a tv-series, where still pictures were shown and a narrator read the story.

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