Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How I became brave

Mervi Juusola 2018: Kuinka minusta tuli rohkea
Illustrated by Anni Nykänen

Tilda and Sisu, sister and brother, have moved. In the new school and kindergarten they have to find their place.They teach us how to be brave, be good enough just the way you are.

The book includes short stories of Tilda and Sisu and then small tasks: what is your superpower, how to deal with bullying and how to hold one's ground without being mean or violent.

There has been a lot of talk about bullying among kids and young (and not enough talk about bullying among adults). All adults should read this book. I am so glad the kids are learning these emotional and social skills early on.  The message in this book is that when some one bullies you, it is not your fault, it is theirs. This seems to be forgotten in most cases

Are you the champion in friendlyness?
It is really hard to change other people, but we can all be friendlier. Just like this book suggests:
- Smile
- Look people in the eye
- Hug a family member every day
- Congratulate when someone succeeds
- Give compliments
- Ask those who are alone to join what you are doing
- Help the elderly
- Greet people in school/day care (it is amazing how many adults forget to do this at work!)
- donate unused toys, clothing to charity

Emotion cards

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Panda fever

Aura Koivisto 2018: Lapsen oma pandakirja
Illustraded by Sirkku Linnea
Jemina Heljakka 2018: Pikkupandat päiväkodissa
Illustrated by Pauliina Linjama

Ähtäri Zoo got two pandas in February and they were named Lumi and Pyry (Chinese names Hua Bao and Jin Bao Bao).  They even got their own live streem Panda live. The climate here in Finland is supposed to be ideal for pandas.
Any way, children's literature is also following the trend and these two books have been published this year.

Panda looks good in a Finnish pine.

Child's own panda book, Lumi and Pyry get a new home

This book tells the story of Lumi and Pyry, How they lived in China and how they traveled long way to Finland. The story tells us that some pandas are raised to be released in the wild and they are not in contact with people.  It is also an encyclopedia for pandas. The illustrations are delicate.

Little pandas in Kindergarten
The second book is purely fictional. It focuses on Pan and Daa, who are starting day care. They are little nervous and a little scared when mom leaves, but in the end, they have fun.

When I was a child, one of my favourite tv shows was Taotao, little panda bear. Every episode had a lesson to be learned. I bet all of my generation Finnish still remember it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Missing petticoats

Pekka Vuori 1987: Kadonneet alushameet

Flower and Tassel have a Grandmother, who is two meters tall. She has seven petticoats drying in the wind, when a storm takes them away. Flower and Tassel set out for a quest to find them. People who have found them, use them for different purposes: parachute, hut, insect net, sail, parasol and a picnic felt, . The last petticoat cannot be found. But then it is Christmas time and Santa comes using Granny's petty coat as a gift sack.

In my mind very nostalgic book, the pictures are full of color. An I can relate to the tall Grandma, even though I know that to most kids all adults are at least two meters tall if not taller.

The black pettycoat used as a hut.
Yellow as the chantarelles.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Moksu's shop

Annukka Kiuru 2018: Moksun paja
illutrated by Sirkku Linnea

Moksu is a bunny, real cotton, filled with straw. One day he is forgotten at the fair. He gets frightened and runs to a near by forest and sees a door in a rock wall. He knocks on the door, but nobody answers. Only Mr. Longlegs is sleeping in his web.

When Mr. Longlegs wakes up, he cannot remember, where the previous owner, the witch has gone. Mr. Longlegs says it is his time to see the world and he leaves the the hut to Moksu.

When Moksu is picking up  nettle to make soup, he meet two mice: Heka and Tahmo, who had fallen off the roller coaster. Moksu invites them for a soup. Tahmo's arm is almost cut loose. Moksu finds some needle and thread and Heka says he can sew.
Tahmo is cobbler and Moksu has fixed many toy cars. Together they set up shop.

Their first customer is a Mercedes, which they hound in the ditch without back tires. Moksu fixes him. He is old and does not want to be played anymore, so he decides to stay and drive the mice to the fair. If they don't see any toys to fix, they gather supplies: pins, scarfs, gloves  and other things that could be used.

Moksu was also a tv series, but is no longer in air and I couldn't find any of them online.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fox and an old man

Hannele Lampela 2017: Kettu ja Vanhus
illustrated by Mirkka Näveri

A fox cub is scared of everything and the others are mocking him (or her). After awhile he decides to leave. He walks and walks until he gets into the city, It is scarier than any storm he has ever lived through.

He runs to a meadow, where the sun is warming up the scared heart of the fox.  He realizes he is not alone. An old man is sitting on a rock. The fox tells him how the others said awful things to him. . The old man says, words like that are like clouds on the sky and that the foxes heart is just the way it's supposed to be. It is much braver to be just like you are instead of being something the others want you to be.

The fox cub decides to go back home and he has many stories to tell. He is still scared of storms, but the others leave him alone.

At the back is the now burnt church of Ylivieska.