Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Summer at Doghill

Mauri Kunnas 2015: Kesä Koiramäessä

The Doghill kids are waiting anxiously for summer. The watch the different signs of it including swallows. This summer they have a visitor from the city to spend the whole summer with them.

This book continues the story of the Doghill farm. The Doghill folk show us, what kind of summer activities people used to have in the 19th century.

I can practically hear the birds,  taste the wild straberrys, smell the flowers and feel the waves in my toes. The hail in book reminded me of the hail storms when I was a child.

Bonfire of Whitsuntide
Why coudn't the school books be as much fun as this book? I bet my boys learned something of the Finnish history and customs easily.  This is also s great book to read in the darkness of November.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The knights of the Baltic Sea

Karin Henriksson 2012: Itämeren ritarit
illustrated by Harri Tarkka

Aino Ahven (perch), Harri Hauki (pike) and Kaisa Kampela (flounder) are eager pupils. Today they learn about scary things called humans.

The teacher tells them that humans are polluting their homes and force everyone to move. Aino, Harri and Kaisa want to talk some sense to the humans. Teacher  advises them to see Granpa Seal, who knows magis since he once was in the circus.
Aino, Harri and Kaisa meet Granpa Seal and get the ability to talk to humans. They swim to shore and meet some kids. The kids promise to do everything in their power to stop the polluting.

Very educational book about the poor condition of the Baltic Sea. When Kaisa and Harri are too deep in the dead part of the sea, it actually feels lifeless. The illustrations are that good. The importance of human action is greatly emphasised.