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Rölli's heart book cover
Allu Tuppurainen

Rölli is a troll like creature that lives alone in a forest. He spends his days wondering odd things in the world aan especially the odd behavior of humans.Rölli wants to be mean and evil, but it doesn’t quite work out. In his heart Rölli wants no harm. Rölli was created by Allu Tuppurainen and he had a tv show in Pikku Kakkonen. TV series Rölli was aired in 1986-2001.

Mr. Allu Tuppurainen has said that rölli isn’t a troll, but a blend of human and troll, a rölli. In the tv series Rölli sings a song related to the theme he is talking about. My favorite is “Omituisten otusten kerho” (Club for weird creatures). In this club everyone is welcome: if someone calls you a potato nose, or fat belly, join the club. The lyrics say that any physical feature can be considered weird by someone. And that you shouldn’t worry about it, just be you.
Rölli fishes in tv-series

 In 2007 was released an animated film, which main character was Rölli. This was a third film of Rölli and a first animated Rölli film. In the first two films, Allu Tuppurainen played the part of Rölli. In this animated film, Allu Tuppurainen gave voice to Rölli.

Pekka Lehtosaari 2007: Röllin sydän 
(Rölli's heart)
Illustrated by Janne Kopu and Kari Korhonen

Rölli's heart illustration
In this film, Rölli is a troll and he lives near rölli village. Rölli is just like every other lodger at Rölli Village: he likes pranks, making a mess and mischief and hates washing up, kissing and everything pretty. When he runs into a delightful and good hearted gnome girl Milli, he makes a new kind of a friend. The gnome forest is about to turn into stone and the only way to save the forest is to get a magical heart of Understanding from Winterland. In the film gnomes and röllis are total opposites and the adventure requires Rölli and Milli to work together.

 The animated Rölli is a bit different from the Rölli in the tv-series. In my mind they are two different characters, even though the creators of the animation tell that the film was made in the spirit and philosophy of the original films. I guess they couldn’t make a animation about Rölli talking to the audience and the animation film works well on its own.

Rölli's cottage in tv series
 Four Rölli films have been made this far. The two newer include many character in the rölli village.

In Powerpark, Tervajoki is Wonderland (Satumaa) based on the Rölli characters.

Rölli was selected most beloved fictional Finnish character (Satusuomalainen) in 2006.

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