Wednesday, June 27, 2018

At the fairy's garden

Laila Nevakivi 2018: Kati-keijun puutarhassa

Garden is waking up in the spring. Fairy Kati is eager to see the early flowers, snow bells, daffodils, tulips to start growing. She wakes up bumble bees and other bugs, it is time to work.

Later the apple trees are blossoming, and the queen bumble bee is building her nest. The book explains how pollination happens and lists the insects that does this important job. There is also instructions how to make an insect hotel.

Kati, the fairy, loves all flowers, but above all flowers, which she got from her Grandmother Wilhelmiina: bleeding heart, irises, peonies, martagon lilies and all old garden flowers.

In the shadows is a secret garden, where Kati loves to play her flute, many others enjoy it too: blackbirds, frogs and other animals.

Then it starts to rain and the snails attack! Uncle Jackdaw suggest to invite all his relatives to eat the snails, but Kati feels sorry for them and plays the fifer -trick and the snail go to some one else's garden.

The book has many stories about the mole's underground home, how a butterfly is born, fleet of ladybirds (when I was baby sitting an old american girl, we had a lengthy discussion if it is a ladybird or a ladybug, but I am old school, in my mind it is a ladybird).

Summer turns in to fall and the garden is ready for rest. In November the frost has covered the garden in powered ice. A new kind of beautiful. There is nothing more to do. Kati is ready for sleep and to wake up in the spring.

Lovely book, even though I do not agree in guiding the snails into the neighbors garden. I am a very eager gardener (maybe too eager, I have a tendency to smother to death) and I hope that my boys will enjoy garden as well. I am afraid that they take after their dad. Maybe I should get him interested and boys would follow?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gigglebug and City-Bunny's skateboard

Anttu Harlin 2018: Kikattava Kakkiainen ja City-Kanin skeittilauta
Illustrated by Joonas Utti

Poppy Hedgehog wants to try out City-Bunny's new sled. Which of course is not s sled, but a skate board. City-Bunny is very proud of it and the others want to see, what it does. City-Bunny explains that it needs a hill, but every hill that the other suggest has something wrong with it: too small, too modest, too round, too lumpy and so on. 

Then Gigglebug has an idea: they can build one!  Together they build a roller coaster style "hill". Finally City-Bunny admits that he/she is scared. The others say they are afraid, too They ride toghether and have a time of their life.

This is the first "story"book about Gigglebug. the first being a think pages small children book. I am glad 

Music videos by GiggleBugVevo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pixie dust

Petronella Grahn 2015: Keijun taikapölyä

Fairy Goldilocks runs on the flowers all day. She has time to play with the snails, bugs and birds. Time to chat with the wind and collect pixiedust.

One night when she returns home, she notices that her pixie-dust pouch has a hole, there is no more pixie dust. On her way home, she had sprinkled dust all over and wonderful things started to happen: the kids learned how to lace their shoes, other learned how to play peacefully and not to fight.

The pixie dust gave strength and courage.
Worries were gone and adults learned to appreciate the small things in life and see the world through kids eyes.

At the end of the book are questions about the story and what makes you, the reader happy. And what would happen, if you had this magical pixie-dust?

Ms. Grahn is currently developing a game for kids under 7. Can't wait for the release. It is released under name Pomenia. More about the wonderful world of Pomenia.

Ms. Grahn has also a line of fairytale clothing. I have bought two hats for me and my husband long before my boys were born. A picture of the hats below.( Mine is the cotton candy colored, naturally)

Warm Monster hats by Tinttu. These will keep you warm
even at -30 degrees  Celcius.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hedgehog's Fairytale tree

 Pia Perkiö 2018: Siilin satupuu
Illustrated by Pia Sakki

The magic of the forest. Hedgehog and its friends are the main characters of this book.  The book is written in poem form, and the stories are easy to follow by the smallest listeners.

Fox is delivering messages across town, frog is preparing for a jumping competition. Rabbit offers squirrel some hot juice on their skiing trip.

In the spring hedgehog has its birthday and hugs everyone. Luckily there are enough band-aids, if the spikes are too rough.

Water goblin (vesihiisi) tells stories on Sundays at five.

Summertime makes the foxes fall in love, mole keeps a daycare for worms. (This is kind of scary, since moles eat worms. But let's not tell this to the kids. Maybe its a vegetarian mole.)

In the fall, the spiders weave a blanket, the squirrel grandpa makes porridge,the rabbi catches a train and a fox hears a lullaby.

Lovely poems and super cute illustrations. I am kind of sad, my boys think they are too old for this kind of poems, but I get my sons to read this, because there are few words and this is fast to read.