Monday, December 23, 2019

24 days till Christmas

Carlos Da Cruz 2019: 24 päivää jouluun

24 stories about Christmas traditions: making gingerbreadhouses, elfs, having candels burning by the window.

Many of our traditions have come from abroad: mostly Sweden and Germany.

Himmeli, decoration made of straws (hay).

Carelian cuckoo made of one peace of wood.

The scary Nuuti buck that takes christmas away on January 13th.

Candelabra by the window, nowadays electric.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas dog

Henna Ryynänen 2019: Jouluinen Myry

Myry is Santa's loyal dog, who helps Santa in his work.
On Christmas eve Santa is off to deliver presents. All of a sudden a present falls off the sleigh. Myry is on it and an adventure starts.
Myry finds a new friend, a magpie, and together they start following Santa's trail.

A story of resilience and courage. When duty calls, nothing is too difficult.

Do they dare go through the dark forrest?

Santa's "office" shirt is a traditional Ostrobotnian pullover. Cute.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas at Moomin Valley

Based on tove Jansson's story of Christmastree in the book Invisible Child.
Written by Alex Haridi and Cecilia Davidsson 2018
Illustrated by  Filippa Widlund.

Usually Moomins sleep through winter, but this time they are awakened by Hemulen making noise. They see all neighbors waiting for Christmas. Must be a very important visitor with all the fuzzing and buzzing. At first they are a little bit scared, but then they start waiting for Christmas, too, making all kinds of preparations.

The Moomins are practical and dressing up the tree confuses Moomin Mamma for awhile, since she does not have such big clothing.

The Moomins desire to give joy to others shine through. As always they are generous even to strangers.  Story of Christmas spirit.

Moomins get a Christmas tree.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Small big story about Christmas

Réka Király 2019: Pieni suuri tarina joulusta

Hedgehog, Mouse, Bunny and Fox are preparing for Christmas. Two days before Christmas they realize that they do not have a Christmas tree.  The best trees are at the Bear's house. But none of them has met the Bear. They have only heard he is big and scary.

Together they take the challenge on and begin their journey to the Bear's house. Soon Fox remembers that he left soup on the stone and runs back home.  Mouse and Bunny also invent an excuse and Hedgehog is left alone to fetch the tree. Hedgehog meets the Bear, which is not that scary after all.

In the end all animals celebrate Christmas together. Bear must have been pretty lonely, when everyone has been afraid of him