Friday, December 22, 2017

Rosemary and the magic of Christmas

Sirkka Knuutila 2007: Rosmariini ja joulun taika
illustrated by Taru Castrén

Rosemary is a small elf girl living at Korvatunturi. One Christmas morning all the children are ordered to stay indoors, because the Witch Anelma Alviina is in the village. Rosemary opens the door to the witch  and she takes Rosemary and one of her sisters with her promising to return them home. When they arrive to the witch's cabin, they realize she has no intention of returning them home.

The girls escape and continue preparing for Christmas. They spy on children and collect wish lists.  Rosemary is really tired and accidently falls asleep on Jaakko's pillow. The children are surprised and Rosemary asks them to hide her for the day.  In the evening Rosemary catches up with the other elves.

Rosemary feels tired at Anelma Alviina's
On the 19th day the elves discover that the magic of Christmas is missing. They find out that it was Witch Anelma Alviina has taken it.  Rosemary decides to get the magic powder back by herself. Rosemary gets help from Anelma Alviina's cat and head back to the witch's cabin. She promises Anelma that if she gives the magic powder back, she too can enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Lovely story about elves and witches. And the illustrations are delicate and cute.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What a Christmas!

Marjatta Kureniemi 1972: Olipa Virtasilla joulu previously published in book "Kaukana täältä"
illustrated by Virpi Pekkala

A small witch lives peacefully in a cone in a forest. Just before Christmas her tree is cut down as a Christmas tree and she and her tiny cat in her tiny cone home are taken to the Virtanen's. Usually she flys on a needle with the cat as her motor, but now the cat's motor is not purring.

She sees all lovely Christmas decorations and creates magical moments, when she turns the electric candles into live candles and makes the Christmas bird fly.

This of course makes a very special Christmas for the Virtanen's.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Star singers

illustrated by Päivi Arenius 2015

This is actually a German tradition that  came to Finland a long time ago. This is popular especially in Oulu region.  In this book you can hear the 13 songs  of the Star Boy singers play by pressing the button. I t also has a small starboy vocabulary, poems and the second chapter from the gospel of Matthew.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Elf Tojanteri and the strange Christmas guest

Annukka Kiuru 2017: Tonttu Toljanteri ja outo jouluvieras
illustrated by Sirkku Linnea

Elf Toljanteri is bitten by Grum-bee and it makes him act strangely. He snaps at everybody and refuses to do his chores. Naturally he tries to hide his condition so Santa will give him presents.

Luckily Elf Niilo, who looks just like Toljanteri comes and agrees to play Toljanteri's double. This creates all kinds of silly situations.

The Treat department is busy before
I have been reading this to the boys and now I can see that they are listening. Every time a grown-up snaps or shows temper they say he (notice it usually is a he) is bitten by a grump-bee.  I also like the colorful language that is used. We also learn about tuhmaikä (a version of uhmaikä which children get in the age between 1-5, when they learn independence and defy all orders given to them.)

Grump-bee aka Äkäampiainen