Monday, March 19, 2018

Hundred degrees preschool fever

Hannu Hirvonen 2012: Sadan asteen eskarikuume
Illustrated by Mika Kolehmainen

Sara is starting preschool (eskari for short, esikoulu officially), but unfortunately Api Ape has fever. Mom says, too bad, we have to go. At the preschool, Sara's friend Matilda tries to comfort her, hundred is not that bad for a stuffed animal.

Sara is having fun, and in the end the day in preschool isn't that different from daycare. For many starting something new is horrible and this book hopefully makes starting preschool not so scary.

When we read this book, we were amazed how similar Sara's day is to my boy's day. The same routines: breakfast, some school type tasks such as practicing letters or numbers, then playing outdoors, lunch, nap (or just resting), snack, playing and then home.  I like routine and I believe it creates a feeling of security for the children as well.

Few remarks: 1. Finnish kids start school at the age of 7, so preschoolers are 6. 2. Hundred degrees fever is pretty high, since we use Celsius, but kids do not now that. The normal temperature is 37. 3. The preschool and school teacher's are called by their first name, not as Mr. or Mrs. Jokinen.