Thursday, July 3, 2014


Katri Kirkkopelto 2013

Molli is a creature that lives alone in a big house. Molli has surrounded its house with signs that say "Don't come", "Stay way". One day Sisun knocks on its door. (It isn't specified, if  Molli is a boy or a girl. The pronoun hän is used for both. That is why I use "it".)

Molli is upset and chases Sisu away. Soon Molli feels lonely. It starts to study what it takes to be friends. " The best gift that you can give to a friend is a smile and laughfter." But Molli cannot smile. It practises is. Then starts the long wait. Nobody comes. Molli even changes the signs to "Come" and "Don't  stay away". Then one day Sisu returns and Molli has a friend.
All Molli's family have grumpy expressions in the pictures
Molli in Finnish means minor in musical terms. No wonder it is a little melancholy with a name like that! Sisu means guts and courage.

The illustration is delicate and very detailed. I especially like the family portrates, where no one smiles. It is just like our family. I do not understand it, photos have been taken for over hundred years but in my family it seems that taking pictures is comparable to going to the dentist.

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