Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Panda fever

Aura Koivisto 2018: Lapsen oma pandakirja
Illustraded by Sirkku Linnea
Jemina Heljakka 2018: Pikkupandat päiväkodissa
Illustrated by Pauliina Linjama

Ähtäri Zoo got two pandas in February and they were named Lumi and Pyry (Chinese names Hua Bao and Jin Bao Bao).  They even got their own live streem Panda live. The climate here in Finland is supposed to be ideal for pandas.
Any way, children's literature is also following the trend and these two books have been published this year.

Panda looks good in a Finnish pine.

Child's own panda book, Lumi and Pyry get a new home

This book tells the story of Lumi and Pyry, How they lived in China and how they traveled long way to Finland. The story tells us that some pandas are raised to be released in the wild and they are not in contact with people.  It is also an encyclopedia for pandas. The illustrations are delicate.

Little pandas in Kindergarten
The second book is purely fictional. It focuses on Pan and Daa, who are starting day care. They are little nervous and a little scared when mom leaves, but in the end, they have fun.

When I was a child, one of my favourite tv shows was Taotao, little panda bear. Every episode had a lesson to be learned. I bet all of my generation Finnish still remember it.

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