Thursday, August 9, 2018

Moksu's shop

Annukka Kiuru 2018: Moksun paja
illutrated by Sirkku Linnea

Moksu is a bunny, real cotton, filled with straw. One day he is forgotten at the fair. He gets frightened and runs to a near by forest and sees a door in a rock wall. He knocks on the door, but nobody answers. Only Mr. Longlegs is sleeping in his web.

When Mr. Longlegs wakes up, he cannot remember, where the previous owner, the witch has gone. Mr. Longlegs says it is his time to see the world and he leaves the the hut to Moksu.

When Moksu is picking up  nettle to make soup, he meet two mice: Heka and Tahmo, who had fallen off the roller coaster. Moksu invites them for a soup. Tahmo's arm is almost cut loose. Moksu finds some needle and thread and Heka says he can sew.
Tahmo is cobbler and Moksu has fixed many toy cars. Together they set up shop.

Their first customer is a Mercedes, which they hound in the ditch without back tires. Moksu fixes him. He is old and does not want to be played anymore, so he decides to stay and drive the mice to the fair. If they don't see any toys to fix, they gather supplies: pins, scarfs, gloves  and other things that could be used.

Moksu was also a tv series, but is no longer in air and I couldn't find any of them online.

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