Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Missing petticoats

Pekka Vuori 1987: Kadonneet alushameet

Flower and Tassel have a Grandmother, who is two meters tall. She has seven petticoats drying in the wind, when a storm takes them away. Flower and Tassel set out for a quest to find them. People who have found them, use them for different purposes: parachute, hut, insect net, sail, parasol and a picnic felt, . The last petticoat cannot be found. But then it is Christmas time and Santa comes using Granny's petty coat as a gift sack.

In my mind very nostalgic book, the pictures are full of color. An I can relate to the tall Grandma, even though I know that to most kids all adults are at least two meters tall if not taller.

The black pettycoat used as a hut.
Yellow as the chantarelles.

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