Monday, April 20, 2015

Mill elf and a mouse

Tiina Tikkanen 2008: Myllytonttu ja hiiri
Illustrated by Satu Ilmonen

The old elf is visited by a hungry mouse. The elf is not pleased: mice cannot be in the mill messing things up. He takes the mouse in any way and shows him how the mill operates.

 One day the elf hears another mouse voice. Again the elf tells them that they cannot live in the mill. He knows that soon there will be baby mice running around.

 The miller finds out about the mice and sets his cat on the mice. The mice flee. The old elf is both happy for the mice but sad that his friend left.

Birdseye view of the mill
Elves are not just part of Christmas. People believed that there was creatures looking over a particular place like the mill. I especially like the rich oil painting style of this book. Now the value of old buildings have been noticed and places like this mill have become a new life.

The book is based on Töllin Mylly in Nummi-Pusula.The existing mill was built in 1922, but in the same spot has been Mills since the 19th century.

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