Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taxbear- introduction to taxing

Taxbear chases Nalle to Sweden.
Mikko Kunnas 2014: verotuksen alkeet

The taxing authority is also known as taxbear in Finland (in Finnish , Swedish and German to collect debt has the same root as bear. Karhuta)

In this comic book, the taxbear is collecting tax from all the forest animals: bees, hedgehogs, owls. In the cover of the book, the taxbear is chasing another bear to Sweden. The otehr bear resembles Björn Wahlroos, who resently moved his residence to Sweden, because the taxing in Finland is too high.
Hedghog is either complaining about the weather or high taxes.
The strips are cute, my personal favourites can be seen in the images. The grumpy hedgehog, whose swearing has been sensored and the Taxbear wonders if the hedgehog was commenting the weather or making a complain for the taxes.

In the other strip, the Taxbear gets a visit from an EU collegue, who happens to be an elephant. The elephant wants to tax Taxbear.

Collegue from EU is paying a visit.
We Finns love our taxes. It seems to me that patrionism here is count by, how much taxes you pay.  It is very different from the American patriotism. But these high taxes cover the schools and health care.

I personally admire the creativity ogf the tax authority: there is nothing you can do that cannot be taxed. Besides the tax authority has made paying the taxes real simple: you can do your taxes on the internet. How wonderful!

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