Thursday, April 30, 2015

Harvest adventure

Olli enjoys several berries and fruit.
Irja Nikkinen 2010: Satoseikkailu : Olli Omenatoukan makoisat retket
illustrated by Jenni Lindfors

Saulus is an eager hiker. Suddenly he is joined by Olli Omenamato (Andy the Appleworm), who is very skeptical about anything new. Together they investigate the garden, nearby forest and even to the mire. They find all kinds of delicacies on their way.

Finnish swamp berries
Olli tells about the berries at the swamp
In the garden Saulus and Olli tend to the apple tree, taste different berries and even chocolate cherries. In the forest they find blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries and at the swamp they try cloud berries. Olli learns that new things are great and not so scary at all when you have a friend with you.

Finnish forest, forest berries
The readers are encouraged to find the items in the picture.
Finns have many berries growing in their gardens. Many go to the forest to pick some more, but not enough. Every year there are news about how many tons of berries are left to the forest, because people do not bother to go and pick them. Another debate happens, when the large frozen berry -producers flies berry-pickers from Thailand.  I always wondered about that too. We have so many unemployed people. Has anyone even asked them? May be the unemployed are afraid they loose their support from the state if they take these type of jobs.

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