Thursday, April 16, 2015


Sami J. Anteroinen 2008: Peikot
illustrated by Elena Klykova

The book gives detailed information about trolls in Finlan. It is known that trolls live in forest. So the most sightings of trolls have been made in Ostrobothnia, where are too few places to hide.

The troll are vanishing in to Lapland, where there is still room for them.  Their habitat is diminishing just like rare animals. The book also tells about trolls' eating habits, birth and charecteristics. I always thought trolls are small, but this book discribes them almost like giants.

 Most famous folklore is about changelings. The story tells that trolls used to switch human children with their own. The author is suggesting, that trolls wanted to have more intelligence in their gene pool.

In my mind trolls are always accociated with Norway. Norway has done a great job in branding trolls. This book shows me that trolls have been part of Finnish folklore as well. 

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