Thursday, October 25, 2018

Baas and moos poems of animals and humans

Mariska 2018: Määt ja muut, runoja eläimistä ja ihmisistä
Illustrated by Reetta Niemensivu and Aapo Ravantti

Wonderful collection of animal (and human) poems. My favourite was of a sad cow that is pining after a bull that had gone with another cow. How very sad! The cuteness comes from the word "muu". Mariska writes: "Sonni löysi viereen jonkun Muun." The bull is now near someone else. (Muu= someone else and the sound a cow makes in Finland)

These poems are insightful: the seagulls at the Helsinki marketplace are just in defiance age. That is why they are trying to eat people's foods! A little girl is on strike and does not want to go to sleep, to day care and so on. Adults have the right to strike so why not kids?

Mariska is previously known as musician. She has written lyrics to many Finnish artist and has recorded songs herself. 

Siiri on strike

The seagull in mischief
Cow mooing over a bull

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