Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tarlena, the Elf-girl on a journey to Christmas

Elina Karjalainen 2003: Tonttutyttö Tarleena matkalla jouluun
Elina Karjalainen 2006 : Tonttutyttö Tarleena ja talven ihme

illustrated by Christel Rönns

Tarlena, the Elf-girl on a journey to Christmas
Mama Maxim is loved by all in the village of Birdsong. One day she finds a little elf girl crying in the forest. Tarleena the elf girl is lost and Mama Maxim takes her home until Tarleena is found. Tarleena makes friends with a fairy Blue wings and the decide to go to school.

Mama Maxim and the elves celebrate Christmas.
Meanwhile Santa is worried: Tarleena is the one who wraps Christmas presents and she is no where to be found. He sends a search party to look for her. Tarleena is enjoying her stay at Mama Maxims, she helps with the chores, plays with Blue-wings and the village kids.

Finally the search party finds Tarleena. Mama Maxim suggests that the elves celebrate Christmas with her, get rested and then go back to Korvatunturi. Mama Maxim does not want to be alone at Christmas. Blue-wings suggest that they celebrate Christmas now, even though it is not quite Chrismas yet. Everyone gets busy with the preparations and soon they are dancing around the Christmas tree. The elves return to Korvatunturi and Tarleena promises to visit Mama Maxim.

Tarleen, the elf girl and the miracle of winter
Tarleena is visiting Mama Maxim. The winter is still holding its freezy grip on the nature and fairy Blue-wings cannot be found anywhere. Blue-wings is needed to chase the frost away.

Tarleena asks for help from all her friends and soon even the smalles creatures are looking for Blue-wings.

Finally and at the last minute birds find the fairy nearly frozen in the forest. Luckily Mama Maxim knows how to defrost fairies.

Tarleena is looking for Blue-wings

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