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Elves of Marjaliisa Pitkäranta

The land of Santa Claus -cover
Heli Karjalainen 1987: Joulupukin maa
illustrated by Marjaliisa Pitkäranta
Heli Karjalainen 1989: Joulumaan tonttujen tarinat
illustrated by Marjaliisa Pitkäranta
Anna Nuutinen 1992: Joulupukin tarinoita
illustrated by Marjaliisa Pitkäranta:
Kari Keränen 1992: Joulupukin jäljillä
illustrated by: Marjalisa Pitkäranta also published in English: In search of Santa
Annikki Marjala Heli karjalainen 1998: Korvatunturin salaisuus
illustrated by: Marjaliisa Pitkäranta also published in English: The secret of the magical mountain Korvatunturi
English translation: Margaret Vainio
Santa's workshop

The Land of Santa Claus 

Four children from different countries get to know how Santa’s works shops operate. Finally they get to meet Santa himself.

The stories of the elves in
Christmas land -cover

Stories of the elves in Christmas land 

Several stories about different elves. One elf has come all the way from France and is trying to find a home. The Mailmaster Elf brings good news to an elderly man who lives alone. Stone elf is looking for a special blue stone. Nessi the Elf dreams about living in a castle, her brother Jussa helps animals that are hurt. In the last story the reindeer elf Peski gets mad at stupid humans.
The feast Simeoni arrange for the fores animals

Santa’s stories 

Samta tells stories about three different elves. Simeoni arranges a Christmas feast to the forest animals. Temppu is trying to build a remote control car, but doesn’t quite succeed. And Tappura gets caught from hie beard when chopping wood. Luckily Liisa saves him Tappura then takes her to see the Korvatunturi manor.

In search of Santa 

The elves get a ride from the Snow Girl and get chaced by wolfs
Aunt Marja-Liisa has drawn two elves. They decide to find Santa. They travel all around the world to find it. The book teaches us the different Christmas habbits. It is remarkable how many countries even in Europe do not expect Santa on Christmas day. In Czech Republic good king Wenceslaus comes December 16th, in the Netherlands Sinterklaas brings gifts De
cember 5th. In Spain the three kings bring gifts in January as well as the wicht Belgana in Italy. In Russia the Grandfather Forst as well as Babushka bring gifts in January.

Jussa and Unna help a reindeer

The secret of the magical mountain 

Jussa, the ship elf, has heard a mysterious invitation. He cannot explain what it is, but he has a compelling need to travel north. On his way he meets other elves that help him to get to Korvatunturi. There he meets Santa Claus who has a special assignment as the ambassador of goodness.

More of Marjaliisa Pitkäranta can be found at Marjaliisa's fan pages and at Marja-Liisa Pirkäranta foundation. Marjaliisa's elves are known to all Finns. And they are seen in popular Christmas cards.

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