Monday, November 10, 2014

Mimmit and the folks of water

Pauliina Lerche: Mimmit ja veden väki 2014
illustrated by Meri Mort

Fourth book to the Mimmit Series.  The others already covered autumn, winter and spring so now is summer's turn.

The story starts when the girls (Mimmit) rescue a ringed seal cub from a fishing net. To show his apreciation, the grandpa ringed seal turns the girls to small fishes.

As fishes the girls dive into the lake and meet a meermaid Malanja, who is lost and wants to go back to the seal. The girls help her and meet all kinds of creatures in the lake.

Mimmit swim as fish with mermaid Malanja.
Mimmit can also bee seen in Mimmikoto childredrens program Mimmikoto.

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