Thursday, November 13, 2014

King's road - a journey from history to present day

Janne Haikari: Kuninkaantie - matka historiasta nykypäivään 2014
illustrated by Carlos Da Cruz

King's road is a historic postal route that has many stories. The main character, a small boy Vertti is very interested in history.He travels from Åland islands to Vyborg.

The book has fifteen sections that introduce different themes in the different regions of the road. The themes cover development of communication, industry, education and energy production just to mention few.

The book has colorful illustrations and the information is divided into small boxes.

How information is shared in history is told in the spread
that covers King's road from Piikkiö to Salo.
Kuninkaantie is a road that leads from Bergen, Norway to St. Petersburg, Russia. In Finland it starts from Ahvenanmaa and ends to the east boarder Vaalimaa.

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