Monday, June 15, 2015

Gigglebug - laughbuttonbook

Anttu Harlin, Joonas Uitti 2015: Kikattava Kakkiainen

Gigglebug is playing with his/her friends. All it can hear is different laughter and when you turn the page, you can see, who made that sound.

Cute laughs, even though this book has thick pages, which in our house means its a baby book,  my five year old son likes this book.

We first met Giggle bug on an animation  at Pikku Kakkonen. I guess part of the charm is that "Kakkiainen" reminds us of  "kakka" which means poo. I like the delicate illustrations of the animation and this book.

Miss Hedgehog hiding in a mailbox. Mr. Moose in a bush.

 Gigglebug  also has a website.

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