Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow woman Amalia

Vesa Löhönen 2004: Lumiakka Amalia
illustraded by Jukka Laukkanen

Old man has been a widow for twenty years and hasn't found a new wife. His kids are constantly urging him to find a wife so he wouldn't be so lonely.

One day the snow is wet enough so he makes a wife for himself so he does not have to listen to his kids.

But the snow woman starts to talk to him.  The old man is worried. Hopefully nobody sees him talking to the snow women. That would mean trouble.

The Old Man's son comes to visit with his kids. His son is worried about this friendship between his father and the snow woman. He decides to play along and sends his father and Amalia a post card. Amalia is glad.

The story ends before we find out, what happens when the snow melts. But it is a nice story. Maybe the kids should not meddle with their parents lives.

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