Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Augustin Seagul and the winter at the Lighthouse island

Pia Staff 1999: Augustin Lokki ja majakkasaaren talvi

Augustin and his friends are planning a skiing trip to the near by lighthouse.  On their way they see trawlers waiting for spring. They have some picnic and they stop for a short break before they have to climb a hill.

Suddely a blizzard surprises them and Augustin is worried. Can they find their way? Pultti, his friend sees a small house and they take shelter, where they stay for the night.

Next moring they see a baby seal. The seaguls cannot leave it alone. At the same time Eevertti from the Lighthouse comes to look for them with a sail sled.  They take the baby seal with them. Finally they arrive at the lighthouse.

They all climb up the lighthouse to see the sights and with a telescope they see seals. They baby stays in the lighthouse, where it is fed and Augustin and his friends leave.
A good story about what to do, if you get caugh in a blizzard. (Which to the modern human happens very seldom.)

But winter is finally here. Let's enjoy it!

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