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Veera and vehicles
Aino Havukainen, Sami Toivonen
Veera ja menopelit 2000
Veera ja maatalon eläimet 2000
Veeran keittiöpuuhat 2002

Veera is level headed girl, who guids Tatu and Patu (the boys from Strangetown). Veera is the voice of reason, while the boys are running around and make silly remarks.

The current trend is to make separate books for girls and boys.  This is definately aimed at girls (or the parents of girls). Tatu and Patu series is aimed at boys. At least in our house the boys like to listen to this story. Maybe that is because Tatu and Patu are part of this book series as well. I am sure many girls read Tatu and Patu stories as well.

Veera, Tatu and Patu see trains
Veera and vehicles
(Veera ja menopelit)

In the first book,  the boys are arguing, if an airplane can be pulled by a train. Veera shows Tatu and Patu different vehicles, everything from bikes to sailing boats.

Veera and the farm animals

Veera and farm animals
(Veera ja maatalon eläimet)
Veera, Tatu and Patu are visiting a farm. What does a cow look like? Is a pig's nose a socket? The boys get to milk a cow by hand.

Veera, Tatu and Patu visit a hen house

Veera and kitchen chores

Veera and kitchen chores
(Veeran keittiöpuuhat)

Tatu and Patu want to make pizza. Veera helps them and teaches them about different ingredients. The kitchen is full on interesting machines, which the boys want to try out. Cooking isn't done until the kitchen is clean.

Veera guiding Tatu and Patu in cleaning the kitchen

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