Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kössi the Kangaroo

Heikki Prepula, 2012:
Kössi the Kangaroo and train
(Kössi Kenguru ja juna)

Kössi goes to the beach to see his friends: Masa the mole, Anselmi the space monkey, Allu the alligator and Sasu the rhinoceros. On his way he bumps into a train that makes funny noises.

Heikki Prepula, 2013:
Kössi the Kangaroo and flying fish 
(Kössi Kenguru ja lentokalat)

 Anselmi the space monkey has landed on a tiny island. Kössi with the rest of his friends decides to rescue him.

Kössi the Kangaroo is a Finnish animation that was aired in 1968-1978 by YLe. Here is a link to the 2D animations. Later on came a few more episodes. The creator, Heikki Prepula made the animation all by himself. The books are illustrated in the same style.

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