Thursday, March 6, 2014


Oili Tanninen, 1965

Nunnu could be described as Sandman's sister. She makes children fall asleep.
"Nunnu nukuttaa, Hoppu herättää, Möksö mököttää."

Her friends Hoppu wakes people up and Möksö sulks and niggles. All these charachters are needed, even Möksö. (Everyone has a right to sulk every now and then.)

This book has all three stories about Nunnu and her friends.

Nunnu has lost her sleeping whisk and she is supposed to get Professor Prilli to take his nap. Luckily Hoppu has a new method to falling asleep: a sleeping fly. Nunnu, Möksö and Hoppu rush to the Professor’s house. The Professor can’t sleep, because he has lost the tip of his beard. Nunnu and her friends look for the tip and find it. Happily Professor can take his nap.

Möksö gets angry, because he/she can't get in.
Nunnu flies
Hoppu is supposed to have a race with Neiti Aika (Miss Time), but she does not answer the phone. Nunnu, Hoppu and Möksö start looking for her and find out that she has a tooth ache and is a afraid of the dentist. Finally Nunnu gets Neiti Aika to let the dentist fix her tooth and the race can begin.

Möksö is angry again, because a hepsunkepsu has made a
nest in his/hers hat
Nunnu falls off the tree.
Möksö has lost his hat (Actually Möksö could also be a girl, Nunnu is definitely a girl and Hoppu is a boy, but Möksö could be either.) and a Hepsunkepsu (Funny bird) has made it as its nest. Möksö is very upset and wants to get rid of all Hepsunkepsu.  Hoppu and Nunnu get the bird out and Möksö gets his hat back.

Möksö sulks and niggles, but he is the only one to giggle and laugh in the books.

 The colors of the book are still fresh after almost 50 years. It still seems very modern. The illustration is made of torn paper. Oddly enough, this book has been translated into English.

Nunnu was made to an animation in 1967. It is in black and white, so you have to use your imagination to see the vivid colors.

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