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Histamiini marionette horse

Raili Mikkanen

Histamiini is a marionette horse. He has many friends: Stable cat, Titiina (a girl marionette horse), stable elf Tonttu Rämäkkä and a witch Anelma Unelma.

Histamiini was first introduced in a tv:s chrismas calendar. TV Christmas calendar comes every day from December 1st until December 24th. The story continues every day.

Histamiini appeared in Christmas calendar twice: 1980 and 1985. In the 1985 episodes Titiina has run away from the circus and does not want to go back. In the episodes are shown also short traditional stories.

Histamiini finds a diamond

Later came two tv-movies:
 Histamiini and Pirpo (1985)
Odd things happen at the stables: mouse’s tail is missing and Titiina loses her spot. Histamiini becomes a detectivehorse with a foal Pirpo.

and Histamiini and the mermaid’s treasure (1989)
Histamiini is recruited to a ship. Along comes Cat, Titiina and Grandmother. Soon they learn that Mermaid has lost her valuable perl. She needs it, so the King of the seas Ahti will marry her. HIstamiini starts looking for the pearl.

Histamiini's sktitrip
Raili Mikkanen wrote several other books about Histamiini:
Illustrated by Masa Pulkkinen:
Histamiini hukassa 1982
Histamiinin hiihtoretki 1983
Histamiini merellä 1984
Histamiini ratsupoliisina 1985
Histamiini löytää timantin 1986
Histamiinista tulee kummi 1988

Histemiini, Chirstmashero

Easy to read books for young readers illustrated by Jukka Lemmetty:
Histamiini, joulun sankari 2001
Histamiini rakentaa lautan 2003
Ystävämme Histamiini 2004
Histamiini Eteläluodolla 2007
Histamiini ja Koni Alakulo 2010
Histamiini luolaseikkailu 2012

Histamiini and Koni Alakulo (Nag Melancholy)

Histamiini's cave adventure

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