Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter day

Hannu Hirvonen 2016: Päivä pulkassa
illustrated by Virpi Penna

Stuffed animals Eerik (dachshound), Reima  (horse) and Päkä (ram) are bored. Winter is so dull, there are no flowers and they just want to sleep.
Suddenly there are new kids with new stuffed animals from the city. Cute giraffe Sohvi makes Päkä blush and the dangerous wolf gets all of them exited about winter. They go tobogganing and skating. In the evening they bathe in sauna and drink hot chocolate by the fire. Winter isn't so bad after all!

Oh beautiful winter!
I am one of those people, who enjoy the change of the seasons. It would be so boring if it was summer all the time.

"Päivä pulkassa" comes from the age, when the farmers cut the sleds of the hired help to indicate that the work of the day was done. It literally translates the day is in the sled. Which in this book could mean that the toys spent the day in the sled.

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