Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The reptiles and amphibians of Finland

Antti Koli 2016: Suomen matelijat ja sammakkoeläimet

Since Finland is so cold, there are few reptiles and amphibians. There is only one poisonous snake and two others, which get mixed up all the time. So innocent snakes get killed far too often. Then there is a legless slowworm that gets also whacked, because people are afraid of snakes.

This book is full of photographs of these mysterious animals. Everyone should read it and try to live in peace with them.

 It is good for me to say all this, since I have never seen alive snake, so I cannot tell, how I would react to a snake.  All I know is tha my grandfather was bitten by a viper in the 1970s and he spend a week in he hospital. I am sure it was a frightening situation for my mother, but it was 40 years ago. Maybe it is time to move to the next millenium.

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