Monday, June 8, 2015

Where does food come from? Frankfurter on a plate

Elina Lappalainen 2015: Nakki lautasella
Illustrated by Christel Rönns

How to tell kids about food? This book tells a story about ordinary Finnish farms.

The vet takes Akseli and Emilia to see cows, pigs and chicken. The kids learn how much manure one cow produces per day, where do eggs come from.  The book shows animals as valuable sources of food.

Finnish kids (and adults) do not know anymore where their food is coming from.  I expected this book to be more shocking, but it nicely told about the animals. No pictures about slaughter or decapitating chicken. The book is very informative and matter-of fact, but I feel something is still missing. The book doesn't explain why some farmers abuse their animals and animals actually suffer before they are made for food. Also the personalities of the animals are just explained as species trait.

Why is the boy always the prejudice in children's books? Are all afraid that the girls are being belittled by such remarks? Also the boy usually asks the stupid questions? Isn't it appropriate for the girl to be silly?

The final remark, that at Aleksi's and Emilia's home they only eat happy animals. Who eats the unhappy animals?

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