Friday, January 24, 2014

Kiekumarallaa - Folksongs for children

Folksongs for children
editor Leena Järvenpää 2007

This book comes with cd, which is nice, if you are not familiar with the songs before.  The songs are performed by Freija.

Oldfashioned songs that atleast baby's love to listen.  My favourite is "Ololonkos", in which the words are twisted so that the letter l is repeated with the first vowel in the word.  onkos=ololonkos, teillä=teleleillä, kissan=kilililissan.
It is amazing that even small Finnish speaking children (big enough to speak and understand speach) understand the words. How long would you have to study a language, before you can do that ?

Here is the list of songs in the book and cd:

Alotan minä laulamaan
Kukkuu kukkuu
Kettu ja korppi
Mitkä nuo merelllä uivat?
Oli ennen onnimanni
Huis sika metsään
 Miu mau Martin kello
 Älä itkelele
 Ison härän polska
 Pyykit nyyttiin
 Sano sano 
Ukolla, akalla
Tiu vou vou
Elli keitti vellii
Rup rup rullaa
Jos voisin laulaa
Souva sorsa, lieku lintu

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