Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Icebreaker Snow Korvatunturi - New York

Teemu Leppälä 2017: Jäänmurtaja Snow Korvatunturi - New York
Illustrated by Petri Kantoniemi

Icebreaker Snow is helping a ship from Chile to come to harbour, when he sees Santa Claus parachuting next to the lighthouse Kraaseli. The reindeer haven't noticed anything and are headed for Korvatunturi.

All the icebreakers are called on the scene. Santa had been test flying the reindeer and now they have to get a message to Korvatunturi to get the reindeer back. Kraaseli sends a radio signal to Ounasvaara observation tower, who has just seen the reindeer pass it.

The reindeer reach Korvatunturi and the elves see that the sleigh is empty. The Watchtower at Korvatunturi informs Kraaseli that the reindeer have landed in Korvatunturi. Kraaseli tells her that Santa Claus will come back to Korvatunturi with a helicopter. Christmas is coming and Santa is in a hurry. The reindeer meet Santa half way and  helicopter Harriet lowers Santa to the sleigh in the air.

Icebreaker Snow and the other wait for news, but they have other work to do, help ships get through the ice to the  harbor.
Soon Snow and the others see Santa, who had managed to deliver half the presents to the children all around the world, bring them presents. Then Santa must continue to New York and the western hemisphere with the rest of the presents.

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