Monday, April 18, 2016

Cheerful Journey

Susanna Huikari 2010: Hauska Matka
Illustrated by Mika Kolehmainen

Markus and Pekka are planning a trip to Lapland and they ask Granpa and Petra to join them.  After packing a car full of necessary supplies they head north.

Once they get to Lapland they are very busy, they hire a skis and a sled for Markus, since he is in a wheel chair. They take a sleyride with a reindeer, bathe in sauna, try some snowmobile and admire norhtern lights.  After their visit they decide to come back.

The book is also written in bliss symbols, which is really interesting.

At the middle of April, the spring is in the air in southern parts of Finland, but winter has its grip on Lapland. Many southerners travel north to ski at the end of April, which is kind of funny, since everyone complains about the lenght of the winter and cannot wait for summer.  You can't see the northern lights any more, though, since it is getting lighter and lighter in Lapland, getting ready for the nightless night.

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