Thursday, December 3, 2015

24 steps to Christmas

Kaisa & Aleksi Kuokka 2013: 24 askelta jouluun

This  book is not a Children's book, but it is a good book to get into the Christmas spirit. It may be too much for trying to do all the book has instructions for, but you can start with some this year and then some more next year.

The book combines the traditional elements of Christmas, like Himmeli a traditional Christmas decoration with some more modern cuisine such as Spanish appertizers.

I have tried making a Himmeli but the straws split very easily, in this book they make it look really easy.

The book is illustrated with lovely pictures of the different foods and crafts.

Traditional straw decoration
The book also gives advise how wrapp gifts. I am not very good at that and this book didn't help me at all. I usually go to Pentik to see how the girls there wrap anything in a beautiful way.

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