Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pirate of Fog Island

Riina Katajavuori 2015: Sumusaaren merirosvo
illustrated by Christer Nuutinen

The story start, when the leading character tells us that his/her mother is a pirate: she has a golden tooth and she sings pirate songs and dances in high boots. There is also a curvy sword on the wall of his/her house.

The book is written in "I" perspective and the name of the child is never given. In my mind it is a small boy, but my sons think she is a girl. Fantastic Finnish language!

The child  studies the sea. She/he tells about the odd things, such as the blood of a crawfish is colorless, but when it is in contact with air, it turns blue.

One day the fishermen are dumping dead fish to the sea. They must be stopped: everything is getting sick.

The book has fantastic illustrations and the message is very important. Save the seas! Especially in Finland we are worried about the health of the Baltic sea.  It needs to be looked after.

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