Monday, November 18, 2013

Tatu and Patu Strange gadgets

Aino Havukainen, Sami Toivonen 2005

This book has been translated at least into:
Estonian:Teedu ja Peedu imelikud masinad
German:  Tatu und Patu und ihre verrückten Maschinen
Lithuanian:  Keistieji Tato ir Pato išradimai
Russian: Тату и Пату – изобретатели
French: Les incroyables inventions
Swedish: Sixtens & Blixtens underliga uppfinningar
Danish: Kalle & Palles sære opfindelser

This book introduces gadgets that make the family life easier. My favourite is the Morning routine automat that can be seen in the picture. The person walks to the machine and out comes a fully washed, clothed and fed child.     

Morning routine automat
This could be further developed by making bed a conveyor belt that tips the child into the machine. Then the output would be in a bus stop, where the kid would be picked up and taken into school. There has been a lot of talk about teen agers who do not get up and make it to school. Now they have people that go wake them up. This morning routine automat would help. The parents could just press remotely a button and the child would be ready on time.

The other gadgets include a   life saver for huge crowds ( ihmismeri in Finnish means an ocean of people= huge crowd), where a giant balloon pops up when a child gets lost for example stores. Then the parents can find the child easier. 

There is also a Boogie man repellent, which is my son’s favorite. The illustration shows, how everything seems a little scary in the dark.

Other gadgets are a puddle maker,  Bad food detector,  Cleaning outfits,  Ice cream ball game,  Hair adder and a machine for pedant work that can for example make a pedicure for a Barbie.

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