Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pompom of Kumpulaakso

Pompom meets a friend cover
Nina Pirhonen:
Kumpulaakson Pompom löytää ystävän 2007
Kumpulaakson Pompom lähtee merille 2008

Pompom of Kumpulaakso finds a friend

Little bunny Pompom lives in small cottage next to Mossforest. He (or she, we do not know) has heard that in the forest lives ghosts.

Pompom decides to go and find out about the ghosts. He takes some cotton candy with him as snack. The cotton candy grows in bushes at Kumpulaakso. 
Pompom is brave enough to sleep in the Mossforest

It is an exciting trip and best of all,  Pompom finds a friend.

Pompom travels to sea -cover

Pompom travels to sea

Pompom and his (her) friend Viuviu have never seen the sea. They build a raft and take a parrot as their guide, since they do not know where the ocean is.

Pompom dives to meet the sea creatures.
At the sea Pompom dives with the sealions, wonders about the oddlooking sear creatures. Viuviu swims with an octopus. At night fall the waves rise and they are taken further away from the shore. Soon the storm breaks but luckily whale Valle helps them to a nearby island.

 The island is coverd with jungle and there are again strange creatures. Pompom and Viuviu want to go back home and when then they get there, they are greeted with a party.

There are other books about Pompom: simplified image books for smaller kids and hidden image books full of details to find.

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