Monday, October 27, 2014

Marjaliisa Pitkäranta's animals

text by Ester Ahokainen, illustrations Marjaliisa Pitkäranta
1983: Metsänväen kesäkisat
test by Heli Karjalainen, illustrations by Marjaliisa Pitkäranta 1990: Metsänväen tarinoita
Marjaliisa Pitkäranta 1999: Lasten oma metsäkirja

The Summergames of the Forest folks
(Metsänväen kesäkisat)

I got this as a birthday present when I was a child. It was the first poem book I had read and it is still fantastic, which is amazing becaus I do not like poems and I do not like sporst. But this book combines both and adds a animals to the mix.

Swimming contest of otters and frog
All the animals have a sport that their are good at: the frogs swim, boxers box, reindeer run. All animals are having fun.

Forest animal stories (Metsän eläinten tarinoita)

This book combines stories of animals and elfs, who try to help them.  The main message is that the animals do not always understand the human actions: the pollutions, the littering and selfishness.

The animals are singing to catch the attention of humans.

The Children's own forest book
(Lasten oma metsäkirja)

This book introduces different plants and animals that live in the Finnish forests. There are few stories about forest creaturs such as a mice helping a bear. The book also teaches what mushrooms and berries not to eat.
Children's own forest book .cover

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