Friday, December 19, 2014

Korvatunturi Tales from Land of Santa Claus

Written and illustrated by Pekka Vuori 1999
A book about Korvatunturi and Santa's and the elves' lives there. A lot is happening throughout the year.

The content of the book:

Welcoming in the New Year
Mrs. Claus hum though Santa's stomach rumbles
At home atop a stump Korvatunturi, here we come!
The postponed birthday celebrations
The vanishing concert hall
The little boy who liked jam
The greybeards of Christmas valley:
  • Fife 
  • Master Elf Jot 
  • Scrub 
  • Headmaster Jaunt 
  • Glyph 
  • Theater director Jacum
Much snow, little to eat.
At five in the morning a spruce topples
The deft hands and practiced eyes of the joinery elves
The call of the red peaked cap
A strange star falls in the night
An elf beats SAnta at his own game
Spring comes, Gold River thaws
There's no fear of laundry day here
A summer island: the perfect place for a holiday
Who's afraid of an old sauna elf
Seven red caps
The island of lazy elf
Berry-picking with a bear
The gnomes dwell beneath spruce
Seven red caps
The folks of Korvatunturi put their faith in the great grandfather clock and the almanac
Mail delivery posthaste
Tons of wishes
Let's get cooking
Pine-cone reindeer and wooden swings
Much snow, little to eat
There's always time for admiring the northern lights
A reindeer ride fits the bill
The sun goes into hiding
There's little of the musician in every elf
Drama on both sides of the footlights
Making toys is no mean feat
Santa Claus heads for the woods
Taking out the walking stick
The long day, happy night
The travelers return hungry - and tired

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