Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iivari the elf runs away

Raili Mikkanen 2013: Iivari Tonttu karkuteillä
illustrated by: Laura Valojärvi

It is Iivari’s job to carry the heavy gift sacks to the children. He does not like it. Great Elf is much bigger than him, why does he have to do the hardest part. After one delivery Iivari does not see the sleigh or Great Elf anywhere. Iivari wonders around for a while, but he cannot find them.

Iivari rejoices: now he is free and he runs away toward new adventures. He sees a circus and decides to sneak in. Then he climbs to the highest point of the tent. Suddenly he falls, but luckily the aerialist grabs him. Iivari runs away and sits in a funny cabin with lots of chairs. It is a tram.

Iivari is delivering presents.
Iivari gets off at the zoo and goes in. He doesn’t understand that he cannot go in the cages. He sees a familiar reindeer and gets to know the animals in the zoo. Some people spot him and start chasing him.

Iivari is scared, but he escapes from the crowd to a micro car lane. Iivari is starting to think that carrying the heavy sacks isn’t that bad after all. Suddenly he sees the sleigh, reindeer and Great Elf. Great Elf hugs Iivari and tells him how worried he has been. IIvari is happy again.

Iivari at the zoo.
Not your avarage story about elfs in forest. This story has a modern twist as the elf runs around in an urban environment. Maybe this is more of an adventure book than a Christmas book, but it does not matter. It brings thoughts of how much work Christmas can be. And what is more important than being together? The illustration is very dramatic and fits the story very well.

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