Monday, December 8, 2014

The little elf and the magic bush

Inkeri Karvonen 2004: Pienen tontun ihmeellinen joulu
Illustrations by: Hannu Taina

A large bush grows in the little elf''s yard. It is so big that the elf can walk in it as if he was walking in a forest.

The little elf follows the changes in seasons in the bush and when the bush is covered in snow, the little elf starts to wait for Christmas.

Little elf makes candles.
 But Christmas let's the elf wait for it. The little elf decides to sing a Christmas Carol so maybe Christmas does not pass him unnoticed.

Then the little elf decides to make candles and decorate the bush with them. Then he bakes gingerbread men and soon his yard is full of friends. Christmas has come!

Cute story and very delicate watercolor illustrations make this a very special book, which has been translated in English.

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