Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Bean

Little Bean cover
Liisa Kallio:
Pikku Papu 2010
Pikku Papu ja kukka 2011
Pikku Papun laulut 2012
Pikku Papu ja aarre 2013

Little Bean is an inventful little turtle that delight young readers. We do not know the gender of it, because the Finnish pronoun "hän" refers to both boys and girls. The illustrations use basic colors, which makes the books fresh and modern.

Little Bean tries to find a shell
Little Bean (Pikku Papu)

Little Bean is swimming and when she/he comes out of water, his/her shell has shrank! Little Bean has to find a bigger shell: can it be an eggshell

Little Bean and flower

 Little Bean and flower (Pikku Papu ja kukka)

Little Bean gets excited about gardening: he/she receives a seed. Toghether with his/her friends, bird and ladybug, they water the seed and it grows o be a beautiful flower.
In the fall the flower dies and Little Bean is sad. Luckily Bird has kept one seed.

Little Bean waters flower

Hissu, the spider, is making wool socks.

Songs of Little Bean(Pikku Papun laulut)
Poems of Little Bean are composed in to songs. The songs are composed by Soili Perkiö, who is a notable modern composer and known by all who watch Pikku Kakkonen.

Our boys' favourite is Little Bean the gardner, where the chorus is very catchy.

Little Bean and treasure -cover
Little Bean and treasure (Pikku Papu ja aarre)

Little Bean finds a message in a bottle. He understands from the message that there is a treasure somewhere. Little Bean takes a tea cup and starts to look for it. Is the treasure a string of pearls, strawberry lolly pop or what? Very exiting and the treasure is a surprise.

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