Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kieku and Kaiku (and piggy)

Mika Waltari 1934-1970
illustraded by Asmo Alho

Mika Waltari is probably the most famous Finnish writer. His most successful novel is Sinuhe, the Egyptian. Mika also wrote rhymes to the comic Kieku and Kaiku.

In the 1930s Kieku and Kaiku were the most popular comic strips there were. The comics have elaborate rhymes and educational stories. The stories reflect the values of that time: diligence, thriftiness and cooperation are good and the good will always be rewarded.

Kieku and Kaiku are young roosters that get into all sorts of trouble. The characters were influenced by Donald Duck even though the comic itself was drawn European style: the text was always at the bottom of the picture.

Logcutter's mistake
Mika Waltari prided in the comic: the words are rhymed with three syllables. He considered rhyming Kieku and Kaiku as a break from his regular work and he continued to write them after he retired from other writing.

An example of Waltari’s rhymes:
”Tässä Possu jälleen jököttää.
Puuro maistu ei, hän mököttää”

(Here piggy sits again. He doesn’t want to eat porridge, he is being grumpy)

Kieku ja Kaiku ja Possu tulevat taas -book is a collection of the best Kieku and Kaiku stirps from 1945-1962

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