Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Summer at Villikka

Mysi Lahtinen 2010: Villikan kesä
Illustrated by Virpi Penna

Villikka is a part of the city located on an island. Not even a bridge connect it to the city. Back in the day people only lived there during the summer. One family even wanted to take their piano to the island for their vacation. Nowadays there is a bridge, but the wood villas are still surrounded by greenery, big trees and even a forest.

Five friends Riikka, Essi, Tilli, Olli and Aarne are spending the summer in Villikka. Riikka and Essi are sisters, Tilli and Olli are cousins.

Waiting for the miracle of Mid Summer Night
The kids find out about making willow whistles, nettle crêps and growing vegetables. They hear stories about the leprecaun's treasure, celebrate Mid Summer and hearing about the different beliefs.

When it rains, the children spend time at the attic, playing boardgames, making up stories. Then they make fishing rods,build sand castles and eat lots of ice cream.

In November, it is nice to read books about summer. I feel that most people are hibernating in winter so they have energy for the summer to really live and do things.

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