Thursday, November 3, 2016

Elsa and Lauri at a party

Kerttu Ruuska 2016: Kerttu ja Lauri juhlissa
illustrated by Nadja Sarell

Elsa and Lauri hav been invited to Grandma Selma's birthday party and they make the gift themselves. They collect stones and braches from the nearby forest and then work by themselves for a long time.

On the special day, the comb their hair, put on their best cloting and shoes. Mother explains that is how they honor Grandma on her special day.

At the party they give the present to Grandma and then greet other people at the party. Elsa and Lauri are a little shy, since they do not know many of the people there.

Mother gives a speach at the birthday party
Uncle Antti and cousins Topias and Aava have prepared a song for Grandma and after that Grandma invites every one to the buffet (seisovapöytä, which means literally standing table. Silly, but what can you do). Mother tells Elsa and Lauri to taste new foods, when Lauri announces that he does not like salad.

At the table Mother klings her glass and gives a speech.  The kids are excused and go play in the play house. Then Grandma opens her presents. When it is time to leave, Elsa, Lauri, Mom and Dad thank Grandma and say good night.

At the end of the book are sections about family tree, preparing for a party, etiquette of how to behave in a party (remeber to congratulate the birthday person, shake hands or hug other guests, suggestions of what to talk to the other people about, thanking for food, be silent when some one is presenting somethin) and a list of different parites (Babtisms, birthdays, confirmation, graduation and a wedding).

This is a great book that every parent should read. I am so old school that I do not think jeans are suitable party attire, every one should be greeted and kiitos ( thank you) is the most important word ever. We have had all the above mentioned parties this year: two graduations, one babtism, one confirmation, several birthdays and a wedding. I hope that some of the manners I have been trying to teach my boys has caught on.

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