Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crackbrained crustacean

Anneli Kanto 2014: Älytön äyriäinen
illustrated by Kaisa Riekkinen

Alphabet in cute animal limericks.  We learn about the greedy wolverine (ahne ahma), Colorado beatle (very scary for potatoes), Reindeer and pike pearch (written with q qha when it is spelled with kuha), bug in Ooland (ötkkä Öölannista).

Not only do we learn about the letters, but also places like Urjala, Lieksa, Kerimäki. Even my boys listened carefully, which you have to do in order to really get what is being said.

Qhalla on nuha. (The pike pearch has a flue)
 Even z and x find an animal: zz fly and Räxy (fieldfare). Very clever and Merikåtka (whitetaled eagle) has the honor to be written with swedish o, when it really shoud be spelled with regular o. It makes the bird more distinguished.

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