Thursday, August 21, 2014

Penguin with a wolly hat

Leevi Lemmetty 2012: Pipopingviini
Illustrations: Leevi Lemmetty, Jukka Lemmetty

Penguin with a wolly hat lives at the South Pole. He likes to sit on the ice and fish. All of a sudden another penguin with a tie comes along and starts to talk to the other penguins about getting more fish, more ties and more everything.

The penguin with the tie brings a machine that fishes much more than the penguins can eat. What should be done?

A good lesson to be learned about greedy people. The penguins get the point, when do people?

Jukka Lemmetty has been illustrating Urpo and Turpo and Histamiini among many other books. His style is modern and simplified. It works well with the story

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