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Viljami's adventure at the market place
Aulikki Miettinen
Kettusten koulukirja 1991
Kettuset Majakkasaarella 1989 
Kaisa-mummin yövieraat 1988
Kettusen perheen juhlakirja 1986
Kaarlo Kettunen kutsuu kylään 1985
Viljamin toriretki 1895

Books about a small fox boy, Viljami, who lives with his father. At the other end of their house lives his grandmother. It isn’t told what has happened to the mother.

Viljami at the market place
Viljamin toriretki
(Viljami at the marketplace)

Viljami goes to the market place and gets lost. The market place is packed with different stands and Viljami has a nice adventure.

Kaarlo Kettunen's invitation

Kaarlo Kettunen kutsuu kylään
(Kaarlo Kettunen’s invitation)

Kaarlo lives in a forest and is snowed in. He uses his window to get out of the house. Viljami and his father are coming to visit him. Kaarlo goes ice fishing and prepared for the visit. When Viljami and his father arrive, it turns out that father cannot fir through the window. Kaarlo asks his neighbours for help and all of them dig out the door. Kaarlo prepares a feast for his guests.

Kaarlo Kettunen is ice fishing.
The Kettunen celebration book

 Kettusen perheen juhlakirja
(The Family Kettunen celebration book )

The different holidays and their traditions are illustrated in this book. Shrovetide, Easter, May day, Mid summer and Christmas. Kettunen’s also have a wedding, grandma’s birthday and a christening of a baby.

Midsummer at Kettunens
Grandma Kaisa is having a sleep over
 Kaisa-mummi yövieraat
(Spending the night at Grandma Kaisa)

Viljami and his friend Siiri-Sofia spend the night at Viljami’s grandmother and have so much fun.

Grandma Kaisa takes her guests skating.

The Kettunens at the Lighthouse island

Kettuset Majakkasaarella
(The Kettunens at the Lighthouse island)

Grandma Kaisa wants to visit her old friend at the Lighthouse island. Viljami and Siiri-Sofia get to fish and swim.

Grandma Kaisa to the rescue at the Lighthouse island.

Kettunens' school book

Kettusten koulukirja (The schoolbook of Kettunens)
Viljami goes to school. The book tells the story about ordinary school days.

Kettunen is a fairly common last name in Finland. In English it means little fox. I my mind and traditional Finnish fairytales foxes are always sly and sneaky. The characters in these books are soft and fluffy. I do not understand why I am so fascinated by roundness and I am attracted to these characters. Is it because I rear these type of books that I still like round characters or did I read these, because I have always liked round characters. 

Viljami at school

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